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  1. 5154.

    this story begins a week and a half ago, when i found my way to some emphatically queer porn that went a long way to resolving some issues ive been having with arousal. i needed to get away from the cishet gaze, it turns out, and get some representation in ...

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  2. 5153.

    does the fact that calling myself a woman out loud makes me vaguely uncomfortable signify something deeper? on rereading no. 5152 in the cold light of morning, it reads more like a genderqueer's manifesto than anything else.

    i find it unclear whether discomfort with established womanhood and the female ...

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  3. 5152.

    i started identifying as queer last summer, just as a logical thing. the "straight, bi, or gay" label selection doesnt really work for me, cuz it breaks down with people who have gender trouble. im homoerotic and panromantic anyhow. i could say i was a lesbian i guess, on a ...

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  4. 5151.

    ugh. not in a good place right now. once upon a time i'd get drunk or high to escape moods like this. but you'd be surprised what a bad habit that is to get into.

    eventually i learned not to panic. if i just tough it out, eventually ...

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  5. 5150.

    when someone makes what they feel is a cogent argument against trigger warnings, i stop paying attention to them. if possible i set it up so i will never read another thing they write, ever again. they have forfeited my attention.

    i stopped reading the St. John's College Women ...

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  6. 5149.

    i dont have a sense of privacy. its an aspie thing.

    ive had to learn the hard way about this whole “dont tell people stuff” thing that neurotypical people do. if it were up to me id just discuss everything freely, nbd. (and i mean everything.) but that tends to ...

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  7. 5147.

    so im trying to integrate into The Boy's social group, and its giving me Lots To Think About. my millstone's always turning, so i love me some grist. i plan social interactions, and just acquired a whole new social sphere to explore in theory:

    heres this person i ...

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  8. 5146.

    im not happy to hear from a player of freeform rp, 'oh d&d isn't Real RP'. like, im sorry you're bad at math. are people Playing Roles? yes, they are, so yes, it is. please dont be dismissive of the pastime ive devoted my life to.

    generally ...

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