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  1. 5149.

    i dont have a sense of privacy. its an aspie thing.

    ive had to learn the hard way about this whole “dont tell people stuff” thing that neurotypical people do. if it were up to me id just discuss everything freely, nbd. (and i mean everything.) but that tends to ...

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  2. 5143. Artificially Genuine

    I was a very abrasive character throughout my adolesence, and into my early 20s. In a sense I didn't really have a personality.

    My flavor of autism spectrum disorder sharply impacts subconscious acquisition of social skills in childhod. It also comes with a muted emotional experience, and a general ...

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  3. 5136. Peripatetic

    New Horizons certificate awarded in my name

    Yesterday I learned that, when they were preparing to launch the New Horizons in 2005, my Dad submitted his name, mine and those of my siblings to NASA to go along with. Our names, along with 430,000 others, are inscribed on an optical disc that went up with the ...

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  4. 5133. Discriminant

    I don't really have emotions in the conventional sense. I mean I kindof do.... They're there, I can tell. But most of the time they report only distantly or not at all. It's like a lot of plugs are ill-seated in my amygdala.

    Some come through loud ...

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  5. 5132. I Wasn't Myself

    An important part of suffering from a severe mental illness is identifying which behavior patterns of yours you consider "yourself". Imagine all your neurotransmitters, each with its nominal range. That place in the middle, where they're all balanced? That's you.

    Push any of your neurotransmitters far enough outside ...

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  6. 5114.

    One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in life is whether to walk away or try harder

    I chose to walk away. I spent 15 years of my life shooting for a comfy, high-paying desk job before I finally decided to stop living in the future.

    I'll never find a job I enjoy more than the one I have right now— a simple, minimum-wage, manual labor ...

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  7. 5108.

    Saying "Don't let your disabilities define you!" seems intended as inspirational, and maybe for some it is. For me, though, that exhortation only insists that I deny my lived experience.

    I have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. The first defines how I experience reality ...

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  8. 5096.

    Due my traumatic childhood experiences, public humiliation is a trigger for me. If you're my friend, please avoid ever humiliating me. This extends to making me look like an idiot in front of everyone, or trying to pressure me into making myself look like an idiot. I've had ...

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  9. 5095.

    Thanks to the New Atheism, I don't even identify as atheist anymore: I am merely secular. (I don't sign on to an identity unless I live up to its negative stereotypes, and I'm not a hater.) If that's atheism, then I grew out of that shit ...

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