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  1. 5141. White Comfort (Fuck It)

    We feel more outrage about a dead lion than a dead black man because we're not personally complicit in the death of the lion.

    Some random rich white dude killed a lion. That's easy to get angry about— it's safe. His act doesn't make me question ...

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  2. 5135. There's LGBT, and then There's Queer

    When a gay person is referenced in cishet media, it's always the one who's been with their partner for 10+ years— not the openly promiscuous one, or the polyamorous one with 2 partners and several playmates. When a trans woman gets her photo taken for a cishet media ...

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  3. 5128.

    Let's review: on June 17th, a white supremacist murdered 9 black people in church. Ten days later, how's our "national conversation on race" going? We're arguing over whether it's appropriate to fly the Confederate flag. In the meantime, six black churches have burned.

    Does it feel ...

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  4. 5125.

    Infographic describing many ways in which modern American consumerist lifestyle depends on overseas slave labor

    TFW you realize that, living in the West, avoiding consuming goods produced under inhumane conditions in countries without labor laws is p. much impossible

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