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  1. 5153.

    does the fact that calling myself a woman out loud makes me vaguely uncomfortable signify something deeper? on rereading no. 5152 in the cold light of morning, it reads more like a genderqueer's manifesto than anything else.

    i find it unclear whether discomfort with established womanhood and the female ...

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  2. 5152.

    i started identifying as queer last summer, just as a logical thing. the "straight, bi, or gay" label selection doesnt really work for me, cuz it breaks down with people who have gender trouble. im homoerotic and panromantic anyhow. i could say i was a lesbian i guess, on a ...

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  3. 5137. Genderpunk

    A big part of being trans for me has been learning what not do. Just because I'm trans doesn't mean I have to do all the things trans people do. In fact, "because I'm trans and this is what trans ppl do" is a terrible reason to ...

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  4. 5134. Alienating Trans Fans (A Quick & Easy Method)

    Content warning: transphobic slurs

    I had been reading an otherwise excellent horror-thriller comic series, Locke & Key. I would've recommended it, but no longer; since in the 5th book, the villain uses a transphobic slur.

    When a work of fiction becomes transphobic, my policy is normally to abandon it on ...

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  5. 5056.

    Trans moment: A coworker was describing the scene at the rooftop smoking area, and used 'she' to refer to someone else present. I assumed he meant me.

    I don't just enjoy being called 'she'; I subconsciously take it as my proper pronoun.

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  6. 5130. Lived Truth

    Trans women are often criticized for conforming to stereotypical femininity. There's several parts to this, so let me break it down.

    First of all, understand that for many sufferers of gender dysphoria, being perceived as their real gender is more important than anything else. Scuttlebutt in the transfeminine community ...

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  7. 5129. Theory of Gender

    Trans people think more about gender than anyone else by a wide margin, and the trans experience gives us a perspective on gender that no one else has. The trans theory of gender is most likely to be correct simply because it is the only well-developed one.

    That theory being ...

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