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  1. 5110.

    A waiting room whose occupants are all sitting around in chairs, while their sandals stand in line for them

    What a delightful technique! A queue composed of pointers to humans, instead of humans themselves, avoiding the storage issues associated with keeping humans standing in one place for too long— they can go sit down. Notice also that storing pointers to humans is much more compact. Depends on widespread use ...

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  2. 5079.

    Is this a thing? Are we doing this now?

    I see Ello follows the convention of MySpace by making everyone a friend of the founder, @todd. Contrast with FaceBook. No one is Zuckerberg's friend.

    Well, I've been needing a better venue for more long-form posts. The fact is ...

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  3. 5064.

    When we christened it the Information Age, I don't think we realized how much of the information would be false.

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  4. 5063.

    … Phineas Gage has been thrown to the ground. He is stunned, in the afternoon glow, silent but awake. So are we all, helpless spectators.

    'Horrible Accident' will be the predictable headline in the Boston Daily Courier and Daily Journal of September 20, a week later. 'Wonderful Accident' will be the ...

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  5. 5062.

    TIL why WW1 happened.

    Okay it actually took me like a week. I read Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 by Christopher Clark. (Thanks David!)

    Have you ever wondered why WW1 happened? It's kindof glossed over it in HS History class, because it's complicated, without a ...

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  6. 5058.

    It is not true that, of a black hole, gravity is so strong that even light can't escape. Photons have no mass; gravity doesn't affect them directly. Rather, the gravity of a black hole warps space so severely that all routes away from a black hole lead into ...

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