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    im not happy to hear from a player of freeform rp, 'oh d&d isn't Real RP'. like, im sorry you're bad at math. are people Playing Roles? yes, they are, so yes, it is. please dont be dismissive of the pastime ive devoted my life to.

    generally ...

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  2. 5099.

    I've been doing some serious worldbuilding lately. I'm developing my own campaign setting (as one does), as a basis for future Dungeons & Dragons games.

    I happen to find myself rereading A. A. Attanasio's The Dragon and the Unicorn (a most inventive fantasy novel, retelling Arthurian myth), an ...

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  3. 5086.

    Spent much of today rounding up deity profiles from across D&D. Netted nearly 500 gods in over 20 pantheons. I've cleaned up the data a bit, eliminating graph dead-ends through synonyms and some pruning. End result: a 2219-line Excel file of deity-topic associations.

    With this data, I can ...

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  4. 5083.

    I really really really want an index of all 3rd ed. monsters by favored terrain type. I think I've wanted this as long as I've DMmed D&D. Let's say my party is exploring a tundra environment. What monsters are native to cold deserts? I've never ...

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  5. 5081.

    Fifth edition DnD feats are much stronger than third edition feats. Any effort to import 3E feats to 5E should take care to sharply increase their power level.

    This becomes obvious when you consider 3E feats like Great Strength or Great Wisdom. The Great [Ability] feats were Epic feats— understood ...

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    Racism and sexism have never had a place in D&D as I play it. It's simply not any fun to invite socially sensitive people into an afternoon/evening of shared fantasy, then subject them to the same kind of ugliness that the outside world inflicts. I don't ...

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    Six years on, I'm surprised by how well I still know the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition canon— my favorite campaign setting, Eberron, in particular. Upon a time I owned nearly every 3rd edition book Wizards came out with. Yes I was that sucker. I avoided the true shite, but ...

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