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  1. 5145.

    i met a boy.

    okay well i met him in like december. but only on monday did i tell him how i felt. and he said yes!

    he used to work with me. we both work for Seattle Goodwill. i work at the big one downtown, which is a distribution ...

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  2. 5139. I Did a Surgery

    On February 23rd of this year, I gave myself a small but significant hernia at work. Yesterday I finally had it repaired.

    This has been a saga. At first I was misdiagnosed with a sprained abdominal muscle, which lead to me being repeatedly sent back to work after it "should ...

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  3. 5131. Light at the End of the Tunnel

    Scheduled for surgery! Having my hernia fixed on the 27th. Ten days off work, another 4½ weeks light duty, then (in theory) back to work! ALSO, as a side effect, I’ll get to start HRT after that!

    I delayed starting HRT because surgeons prefer to take you off estrogen ...

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  4. 5124.

    Well, mystery solved! That didn't take long. Saved me a doctor's appointment too.

    Woke up this morning with an itchy rash on the underside of my right forearm. The question of course is, what am I allergic to now? I've got autoimmune on my Mom's side ...

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  5. 5076.

    Our washer's been broken for awhile. The dryer still works, so I do my wash in the tub; no big deal for me. I own several hand-wash-only garments. I'm used to it.

    I own like a week's worth of clothes. Dominant roommate owns a month's worth ...

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  6. 5075.

    My roommate's girlfriend seems to communicate by yelling. Either that or her speaking-to-yelling threshold is much lower than for most people. Like the background play of sirens in a city neighborhood, this apartment's soundscape is regularly accented by random yelling about life's injustices from the girlfriend.

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  7. 5069.

    TIL that I can yell way louder at the couple I live with than either of them can yell at the other. It's been so long since I expressed anger directly and unreservedly at its instigator, I'd forgotten what it felt like. It's not pleasant.

    Hope I ...

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  8. 5067.

    I attended a new D&D game last night! I had a blast. It was a huge group, all doing character generation, and the DM had his hands full, so I became deputy rules authority. I only read the Player's Handbook once, I swear.… But there I was explaining ...

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  9. 5066.

    Apparently I'm the kind of person who will do all my roommate's dishes every day without complaint. We're very rare. He should treasure me.

    I figured this out about household chores: each person in a house has their own threshold at which they're motivated to attend ...

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