1. 5145.

    i met a boy.

    okay well i met him in like december. but only on monday did i tell him how i felt. and he said yes!

    he used to work with me. we both work for Seattle Goodwill. i work at the big one downtown, which is a distribution ...

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  2. 5143. Artificially Genuine

    I was a very abrasive character throughout my adolesence, and into my early 20s. In a sense I didn't really have a personality.

    My flavor of autism spectrum disorder sharply impacts subconscious acquisition of social skills in childhod. It also comes with a muted emotional experience, and a general ...

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  3. 5141. White Comfort (Fuck It)

    We feel more outrage about a dead lion than a dead black man because we're not personally complicit in the death of the lion.

    Some random rich white dude killed a lion. That's easy to get angry about— it's safe. His act doesn't make me question ...

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  4. 5139. I Did a Surgery

    On February 23rd of this year, I gave myself a small but significant hernia at work. Yesterday I finally had it repaired.

    This has been a saga. At first I was misdiagnosed with a sprained abdominal muscle, which lead to me being repeatedly sent back to work after it "should ...

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  5. 5137. Genderpunk

    A big part of being trans for me has been learning what not do. Just because I'm trans doesn't mean I have to do all the things trans people do. In fact, "because I'm trans and this is what trans ppl do" is a terrible reason to ...

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  6. 5136. Peripatetic

    New Horizons certificate awarded in my name

    Yesterday I learned that, when they were preparing to launch the New Horizons in 2005, my Dad submitted his name, mine and those of my siblings to NASA to go along with. Our names, along with 430,000 others, are inscribed on an optical disc that went up with the ...

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