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  1. 5137. Genderpunk

    A big part of being trans for me has been learning what not do. Just because I'm trans doesn't mean I have to do all the things trans people do. In fact, "because I'm trans and this is what trans ppl do" is a terrible reason to ...

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  2. 5130. Lived Truth

    Trans women are often criticized for conforming to stereotypical femininity. There's several parts to this, so let me break it down.

    First of all, understand that for many sufferers of gender dysphoria, being perceived as their real gender is more important than anything else. Scuttlebutt in the transfeminine community ...

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  3. 5082.

    I've become secure in my femininity. I've pretty much got my femme affect down. In turn I've become less reliant on femme cosmetic effects to reinforce my self-image.

    Being femme means accommodating others' needs and views; it's nonoptional. Even when I don't agree with how ...

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  4. 5060.

    A female workfriend tells me that a male visitor to the facility saw me from behind, in skirt and headscarf, entering the restroom, so he went in the opposite one. He was very confused when he ran into her there.

    I get androgyny points.

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  5. 5052.

    I'm getting great trans acceptance at work. I can expect my prefered gender pronoun from anyone. I've been addressed as "young lady" by one coworker. Another coworker even addresses me as "Miss [old new name]"! It makes me happy.

    Either my gender got around from when I requested ...

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  6. 4923. Boy That Escalated Quickly

    Trigger warning: persecution

    So some guy at work— a Lead no less— asked me if I was a devil-worshipper. On account of the black fingernails. I guess the only black-nailed person he’s ever known is Ozzy Osbourne.

    I blew up. Well, not that bad. Maybe went off, like a ...

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