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  1. 5146.

    im not happy to hear from a player of freeform rp, 'oh d&d isn't Real RP'. like, im sorry you're bad at math. are people Playing Roles? yes, they are, so yes, it is. please dont be dismissive of the pastime ive devoted my life to.

    generally ...

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  2. 5108.

    Saying "Don't let your disabilities define you!" seems intended as inspirational, and maybe for some it is. For me, though, that exhortation only insists that I deny my lived experience.

    I have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. The first defines how I experience reality ...

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  3. 4898. Neither Lazy, Stupid, nor Crazy

    My case manager at Sound Mental Health has put me through to the psychological testing department. I’m going to get screened for a learning disability, and then ADD. This is important because it will allow me to stop feeling like a fuckup.

    This is obviously a self-esteem issue. I ...

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  4. 4880. Diagnosis Needed

    I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something wrong with me. I mean, besides the bipolar disorder. I have numerous complaints about the composition of my psyche. As listed in part in my careers post, I’m oblivious, absent-minded, forgetful, error- and accident-prone, impulsive, and willful in my misdeeds ...

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