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  1. 5147.

    so im trying to integrate into The Boy's social group, and its giving me Lots To Think About. my millstone's always turning, so i love me some grist. i plan social interactions, and just acquired a whole new social sphere to explore in theory:

    heres this person i ...

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  2. 5143. Artificially Genuine

    I was a very abrasive character throughout my adolesence, and into my early 20s. In a sense I didn't really have a personality.

    My flavor of autism spectrum disorder sharply impacts subconscious acquisition of social skills in childhod. It also comes with a muted emotional experience, and a general ...

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  3. 5133. Discriminant

    I don't really have emotions in the conventional sense. I mean I kindof do.... They're there, I can tell. But most of the time they report only distantly or not at all. It's like a lot of plugs are ill-seated in my amygdala.

    Some come through loud ...

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  4. 5108.

    Saying "Don't let your disabilities define you!" seems intended as inspirational, and maybe for some it is. For me, though, that exhortation only insists that I deny my lived experience.

    I have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. The first defines how I experience reality ...

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  5. 5084.

    I make people uncomfortable. My social skills are adequate, but... off, somehow. My frequent ADD-borne errors contribute more occasions for awkwardness. I've had to learn to make fun of myself just to get by socially.

    I've gotten good at it. [deadname]-the-character has burgeoned into a silly, playful ...

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  6. 4912. Panopticon

    Somehow, despite being the target audience, the NSA surveillance scandal has been unable to capture my attention. I think I’ve got it figured out: surveillance doesn’t work on me.

    We have surveillance cameras overlooking the workplace; Loss Prevention watches through these regularly, and the bosses occasionally. I guess ...

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